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Build an army of warriors to protect the Lands Between and be chosen as an Elden Lord. Fight together with other players through the online asynchronous play in real time. Rise to become the mightiest Lord!
– Key Features
[Featured Feature]
· Build Your Army
You recruit and upgrade soldiers and assign them to troops, including cavalry, troops, equipment, and magic. Arm and equip your troops and call on their skills using the commanding system.

· Choose a Strategy
With excellent characters, you can take on enemies in battle, watch your own soldiers as they travel through the Lands Between, or even explore the lands to go to a different dungeon to encounter new enemies.

[System Feature]
· Over 100 Perks
Unique, interesting perks are given by your companions.
· Fight Together with Others
You can join a cooperative or competitive battle and trade information with other players.
· Location and Game Environment
There are various locations such as fields, forests, mountains, and dungeons, along with various enemy types and monsters.

· The Story Arc
An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.

[Command Feature]
· Commanding
Protect and strengthen the Lands Between by calling on your troops. You can command even the non-playable characters and allow them to take action by communicating with them.

· Combination of RPG and Strategy
Your strategy changes depending on your allies and enemies. You will go for battle, watching over your allies while communicating with them.

Greetings adventurers of the Lands Between,
We are The Tarnished, and the new fantasy action RPG is here.
We have recently updated the FINAL FANTASY XIV web site and we would like to share the information with you.

There is a new FINAL FANTASY XIV logo.

We have introduced the new FINAL FANTASY XIV logo together with the FINAL FANTASY XIV update trailer.

When your journey begins as an adventurer in the Lands Between, get to know the legendary legend, Elden, through the story of the FINAL FANTASY XIV update trailer.

Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

Build an army of warriors to protect the Lands Between and be chosen as an Elden Lord. Fight together with other players through the online asynchronous play in real time. Rise to become the mightiest Lord!

Choose a strategy


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Leading Role
    Enlightened characters called Elden Lords lead a vast community and fight under the banner of a newborn civilization known as Elden. As a leading role, Elden Lords receive a variety of unique benefits. 
  • Craft Elden Bonds
    Craft Elden Bonds, which connect you to your Elden Band, using your Item Essence. This enables you to bind items to your Elden Bond, providing them effects that change according to your Elden Bond and interactions with other items. 
  • Custom Elden Band
    You can freely choose your Elden Bond, which unlocks different effects and new crafting rules. 
  • Mastering Magic
    Customizing and mastering a variety of magic with Class Artifact and Class Essences. You can also enhance your defense with eldstone.  
  • Customize your Own Attribute
    Each Class Artifact provides a different Class Essence.       Your Class Essence corresponds to the attribute desired. Your Class Essences are Class Essences of Class Artifact that enhance your attribute with effects that you choose.      


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    An old, unprecedented story that unravels in fragments.

    A long time ago, a thousand years before the imperial era of the Elden Crown, the Three Elden Rings were forged by the Great Prophets, which the male Elden Crown picked up first.

    Each of the Three Elden Rings were entrusted to the clergy lords who headed the three faiths and the clergy lords who ruled the faith as the light of the Elden Crown.

    One thousand years have passed, and the Three Elden Rings become only legends of the ancient Elden Crown.

    Though the ancient Elden Crown has had a thousand-year time skip, and many events have shaped the present, the world of Eldenring was once a fertile field of life in ancient times.

    Even though the three faiths had been divided into a federation, the residents of the lands between were ruled by the state of the three lords.

    In the present, only remnants of the ancient Elden Crown and the old lifestyle of the lands between remain. It was a peaceful era of life, but because of the military alliance that has formed and the confederal events…

    …there is a faint feeling of uneasiness and the terrifying power of the Elden Crown occasionally emerges.

    A master craftsman has long ago disappeared.

    [CV: Andrew Andersson] [Role: Lead Programmer]

    A mysterious man with cold eyes and a mean mouth…

    A wayward adventurer whose face is hidden behind an old disguise…

    The purple eyes of the Lady Elden.

    An Exalt mending the wounds of her shattered heart…

    The symbol of the corrupted one…

    An exalts in a realm hidden deep underground, who utters dark words…

    An entity that emerges from the depths of a twisted story.

    The daring leader of the Federation who loves her country.

    An Exalt holding the Staff


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    In I tried both versions of the game, and the performance was quite similar.
    For example I was at level 12 with my Elf Elan, my AC reached to 19, and my Str was 16.
    If I began my exploration of the lands, the game was smooth at all.

    Sometimes the game crash if it take to long. I’ve try to switch to another option (Saftey mode), but it didn’t change anything.

    Gameplay ELDEN RING game :

    First, Good performance of the game.
    I have install the game yesterday, and use all the day today.
    The game was smooth at all, and the dynamic of the game was really good. I really enjoyed it.
    When you adventure the Lands between, all the best possible changes on all the choices and challenges.

    As first, the game have no tutorialn in the case of start a new Play.
    This is quite normal but this is why you can be stuck a lot when you start the new game.
    Because when you begin the game, you just begin without any description or information about the Rules of the game and the abilities of the character.

    If you look for an online tutorial, you find various videos on Youtube, but the problem with them, is that they are in French and the English is too bad.

    So if you do not want to learn from scratch, the best solution is to play the game in single player mode, then wait for the other player in a server and you can connect to them.
    If the connection is not good, you just disconnect and wait for a free server.
    If you wait a long time, the game crashes and then you have to restart it.

    As second point, I did not find some features on the game.
    In the left of the screen, there is the navigation of the map on the world.

    This part is ok for me.
    But I did not see the critical points of the world such as a Dungeon, a Mountain, and so on.

    I want to have a critical point of the world, such as a dungeon that you can explore to explore when you want, not when you find it.

    This is the number of the game for me!
    The game before the essential thing was Dungeon, and here you find the Dungeon, but if you want to find it you have to read the clues of the map and find


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    To complete the goal of the development, we decided to complete the following aspects by February.
    • Game Balance
    We plan to complete the game balance by adding stress, environments, enemies, and skills. We want to improve the game balance and make it fun to play through by satisfying the player’s urge to kill.
    • Dramatic Events
    This year, we are excited to be able to make dramatic event, such as the outbreak of harmful monsters appearing frequently after a disaster on Earth, and also bringing about the emergence of the Elden Stone corrupted by the gods.
    • Enjoyable User Interface
    We want to improve the appearance, usability, and rendering.
    • Optional PvP
    We want to implement PvP and enjoy the taste of experiencing PvP.
    • Graphics and Animations
    We will try to make sure the graphics and animations all fit within the restrictions of a PS4 game.
    We plan to add the following as major updates after the launch of the game.
    • PvP
    We will make a new PvP customization system to be more flexible and realize better-looking PvP.
    • Post-Workload
    We will launch a side quest, challenging you to a boss battle where you should look forward, and thus implement lots of side quest elements.
    Have fun playing ARKS! We are also looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

    ARS will be available this winter through PlayStation®Store on PlayStation 4. This new IP is manufactured and distributed by Tecmo Koei, Inc.

    ARKS Campaign
    Let us share with you all the action we’ve had in the development of ARKS.

    Bandai Namco Partners with Tecmo Koei, Inc.
    This year we have signed an agreement with Tecmo Koei, Inc. who together with us will develop and manufacture ARKS, and will distribute ARKS for the first time globally.
    We are very excited about the potential that this partnership creates as we are able to work with such a veteran in the field of role-playing games.
    We are looking forward to working with this partner!


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz / AMD Phenom 9950 2.9 GHz or better
    Memory: 4GB RAM or more
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