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Rise up the ranks in the Elendilmir of the lands between, Tarnished, where the Gods of the North and Southern Continent war.
An exciting adventure with a multitude of exciting challenges awaits the brave adventurer!
Beware of traps, monsters, and wild beasts in the Fields Between and big dungeons in the Lands Between.

– ELDEN RING GAME: Tarnished

PS4 Global Version – 2018/10/16 Release Date

– The Powerful Goddess of the North, who rules the divine land of Valinor, is being driven from her home after a long war with her southern counterpart. Grief-stricken, she disappears from the world she has created and from the lands between.

A series of mysterious disappearances occur in the Lands Between and terrorized adventurers appear. Travelers from across the lands between arrive to find a Goddess statue shattered into pieces while the goddess is nowhere to be found. As these events continue, the adventurers must investigate and unravel the truth.

Usual Disclaimer: All the current information is considered preliminary and may differ from the final product as work progresses. (Although, I am often wrong)

Do you have any feedback or feature request?
Please leave us a message at [email protected] or visit one of our social media websites below!
Thank you!

Live Streaming on Twitch (all channels at once)







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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An All New Features Mode
    • Explore and battle in the vast open world
      You can freely move around unrestricted by sea, mountains, and other obstacles. It is a world that brims with surprises, and you can get lost in the future and become an ancient city in a secluded wasteland.In addition to the world map and dungeons, the graphics of each environment can be freely changed, making it different from the day to night cycle.

    • Customize and evolve your weapons, armor, and magic
      Equip a variety of weapons and armor to suit your fighting style, including different types of spears, short swords, and shields. Combining steel with soft leather makes for a unique combination. Furthermore, magic is a powerful tool for use in battle—magical magic like water, earthquake, and acid, as well as telekinesis, hallucination, and illusion.

    • Explore an Old School Open World
      Adventure outside the dungeons. Use the time to explore the world-map, complete achievements and collect mysterious treasure.

    • Become an Anointed Guardian
      • Train via game-play
        Use the battle simulation to train your party of 4 members and master your skills.

      • Receive automatic EXP along with your battles
        You will earn EXP with every single attack, and you will also earn EXP from rescuing the NPCs. If you equip weapons or armor via the App, you will also receive EXP.

      • Escape from the Dungeon
        A dungeon is not always a place to be reduced in HP. Find a weak spot to gain access to it, or escape the dungeon with your strength intact.

      • Gather Elden Salve to Energize Yourself
        The Elden Ring can assist you in battle. An anointed guardian can use the Elden salve to receive buff after every attack, and recover the HP depleted in battle. You can also unleash powerful special attacks with the proper Elden Rune.

      • Online and Offline Multiplayer Play
        Battle against randoms or play with online friends in asynchronous real time. You can also use a party of up to four players and wander around the world with them. Furthermore, the living world is not limited to when you are online or not online.

    System Requirements:


      Elden Ring Free [April-2022]

      “Once you purchase the game and have the launcher, you’re golden. The game gets even more enjoyable in multiplayer, which also supports different game modes. You can play as one of the two races (Elden or Bandits), enter it with a variety of classes (6 classes), or play it in singleplayer.
      I especially enjoyed that it’s faster than anything like Skyrim and is played in first person. Not to mention that it’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun with a role-playing game!”
      – (6/10)

      “The value of the title is immeasurable. The game is packed with content and vast, open environments, which promise great enjoyment. Even if you don’t intend to play in online, the game is well worth your time.”
      –Famitsu (6/10)

      “By playing the game online you can form a party of four players, and also enjoy special functions that support playing through a single player story. I can tell you that this game is totally worth your time.”
      – (8/10)

      “When I got my early hands on the game, I was addicted to online PvP so bad that I played for hours and hours, I bought it, I tried it and I loved it, this game is really amazing and while I’m playing it I think I’ll never be able to leave it! It’s a MUST try for RPG fans!”
      – (8/10)

      “I know a lot of people are not too interested in RPGs, but I myself would recommend that EVERYONE should definitely try out this game, trust me.”
      –YoutubersEldenRing (7/10)

      “Before I was even on my way to getting a real copy, I downloaded the game over (and over again) and played for over five hours. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun online in a game this long. The fact that you can play with a human or computer NPC is a great feature that really adds to the game.”
      –BraveGaming (7/10)

      “It has such a great atmosphere that you can’t help but feel immersed inside it. This game is so fun! If you’re an RPG lover, this is the best RPG I think you’ll ever play!”
      –Nexon Fanclub (5/5


      Elden Ring Crack With Product Key Free Download [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

      The character builds a castle using the rigid system of scaffolding, which also has different characteristics. Among them, the system of the Tower can be used to throw a wide variety of objects.
      • Characters can perform a variety of attacks.
      • All characters can undergo various Evolution Combat techniques by materializing into an Elden Knight, which has a unique personality and possessing a strong sense of teamwork with other character’s to reach the highest level of evolution.

      Fights in the game consist of a two-on-one attack system. Combos based on the currently equipped weapon can be used in order to increase the effectiveness of the attack. When attacks are performed in conjunction with other characters, the damage may increase according to the effectiveness of the team attack.

      A challenging quest system is provided in which players can progress through levels based on their experience and skills.

      The morale system is an action-based system that helps you sympathize with and understand the feelings of other characters. Character actions that are appropriate to the state of mind of the character can be performed with more effectiveness and the satisfaction of achieving a great success.


      Elden lords were the greatest warriors of the ancient world. They were widely regarded as the most powerful and respected people in the world. And they were extremely powerful…

      Elden lords were renowned for their ability to decisiveness and they consistently reached the pinnacle of society. By fighting against other Elden lords, they could not only acquire a higher class, but could also evolve into higher tiers.

      However, despite these heights, the world was still struggling to find a power that could threaten their position. Elden lords who have gathered together to form the Elden Ring exist in order to take the lead in this quest.


      • Much more ELDEN RING evolution!
      In the previous version, only Elden knights or Sith Lords could form a party. This version, however, allows you to select from a wide variety of character classes, such as a unique class called “Spirit of the Battlefield” and new classes that evolve the Elden Ring Evolution system, which is a kind of novel system that has not been seen in previous fighting games. Furthermore,


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Cut off the trunk of hell.
      What’s the reason of crushing tongue?
      From which cave?
      Burn my body, be scattered everywhere.
      It is human thing. But this is the sacred thing of the helmeted man.
      Tohodem’s mayan.
      Don’t have time to leave.
      Log in our account.
      For memory of the body.

      A gift from the People of Cynefin who pass through the Surface and share with the Animal People what they have learned and share with you.Shredd’s “HOPELESS CITY”

      “Rockstar games”

      For being awarded for best music editor.

      “Rockstar games”

      For being awarded for best music editor.

      Quacker’s Movie Music
      I’ve been playing the preview (13-03-17) in the best way and imagine that this is a trailer, as I have real movies also in this old PlayStation.
      The series of starting point of this music, based in the game channels in the PS classic:

      Quacker’s Movie Music
      I’ve been playing the preview (13-03-17) in the best way and imagine that this is a trailer, as I have real movies also in this old PlayStation.
      The series of starting point of this music, based in the game channels in the PS classic:



      Free Elden Ring Registration Code For PC [Latest]



      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • You must need to have latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed to watch videos.
    • DOWNLOAD and RUN THE GAME from the download link below.
    • After that Install it




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    System Requirements:

    Minimum system requirements are:
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent (1.5 GHz processor or faster is recommended)
    Memory: 2GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
    Graphics: GPU of 1024MB or more is recommended
    Hard Disk Space: Minimum 8 GB
    Video Card: 512 MB or more video memory is required
    Mouse: USB-compatible mouse is required
    Recommended requirements:
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or equivalent (2.4 GHz processor or faster


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