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The mfcalc application was developed to be a small Bison calculator. The software runs from Command Prompt.
Simply open a command line windows, drag the EXE onto it and start performing calculations. a list with the supported symbols is included within the root folder.


Download 🗹 DOWNLOAD

Download 🗹 DOWNLOAD






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mfcalc Manual :

the MM code for MRCC multipliers may be downloaded from:

Features :
– Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide by Numbers,
1) with 10 Digits Precision,
2) Support Greek, Roman, Hebrew and Arabic Numbering.
– Ability to Calculate Significant Figures,
3) Negative and Decimal Signed number.
MRCC Multipliers can be created manually.
– The MRCC multiplier program is a Stand Alone program,
– MRCC multiplier is compatible with both of the Bison and MRCC calculator.
– The MRCC Calculator can be used as a standalone calculator,
– The MRCC Multiplier supports both fix point and floating point.
– MRCC Multiplier allows the user to specify the number of digits of precision to be used.
– MRCC multiplier can work with user defined variables.
– MRCC Multiplier can be used from stand alone calculator.
– MRCC calculator is avalible for both Windows and Linux operating systems.
– MRCC Multiplier can be integrated into Bison program.
The user can also create the symbols internally. 
MRCC Multipliers are used in Measuring and Testing.
MRCC Multipliers are used for Inventories, Inventory Control and Accounting calculations.
MRCC Multipliers are used for Business or Management Accountings.
MRCC Multipliers are used in Finance or Accounting.
MRCC Multiplier are used for Energy, Process, Mining or Science.
MRCC Multipliers are used for Market Research,
Advertising, Advertising.
MRCC Multipliers are used for Radio and TV Advertising.
MRCC Multipliers are used for Sports (Calculation for Sports Programs).
MRCC Multipliers are used for Accounting in Entertainment, Television or Cinema.
mfcalc software iD:


Community :
You can access online manual,

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mfcalc calculates mathematical formulae to be solved with the MATLAB command bsxfun.

A more complete explanation of the Bison/ANTLR parser grammer is given in the grammar description.

mfcalc is mainly written in ANTLR-C, but the mathematical parser was also written in ANTLR-C, and the algorithm used for performing the required calculations also implements some ideas from Andrew Byrne’s proposal of ANTLR-J (

The MathML parser is written in ANTLR-C++.

Usage (including a list of input symbols):
msimports /path/mfcalc,/path/mfcalc-plain-gen

Running mfcalc under Windows:

mfcalc “Input”, “”, “”
mfcalc “Input”, “”, “”

Where Input is a string that contains the input mathematical expressions and filelist is a string that defines which files to be used in the calculations (generally the user files and all the Antlr parser files have to be there if an input file is specified).

NOTE: mfcalc requires to have the ANTLR-C runtime libraries installed. If this is not the case, an extension of the method can be made, as shown below, by asking mfcalc to automatically download the needed files.

The meaning of the option parameters passed to mfcalc is explained here, but in short is that the parameters are:

: the input file that will be read by mfcalc.

: the output filename to which mfcalc will write the calculated answers, the output is written in the same directory as the input.

: the list of input files to be used, they will be listed in the current directory before being processed by mfcalc. If filelist is not specified, files from the current directory and all the subdirectories are

Mfcalc Download For Windows


Coded By:
Aaron Williams



File size:
38 kB


Last Updated:

For permission to use this software, please contact the author.


Reverse Polish notation to choose a column

… can be written as:

What’s New In?

mfcalc is a small Bison calculator. Bison is a general purpose parser generator.The software can be launched from Command Prompt.

Calculator for PHP 5
PHP 5 has a Calculator library.
(There is an older version of the PHP calculator that runs under PHP 4, you might want to consult that for older versions.)
Bison Calculator by Sushant Maval

Using PHP |Bison

Here is a PHP function for evaluating expressions:
function eval($expr) {
$expr = trim($expr);
if ($expr === “”) {
return false;
$expr = preg_replace(“/[^0-9\\-]+/”, “”, $expr);
$op = strtoupper(substr($expr,0,1));
if (!in_array($op, array(“+”, “-“, “*”, “/”))) {
throw new Exception(“only + – * and / allowed”);
if (preg_match(“/^[a-z]+[A-Z][a-z]*$/”, $op)) {
$op = strtolower($op);
if (strlen($expr) > 0) {
$a = “0”;
while(strlen($a) < strlen($expr)) {
$a.= "0";
$a = substr($a,0,strlen($a)-1);
} else {
$a = "0";
$b = "0";
if (preg_match("/^[0-9]+$/", $op

System Requirements:

We’re sorry, but this game is not compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
(You must be 13 years or older to download this game.)
You must also be 13 years or older to download this game.The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 ended the year just above their respective record highs, but the Nasdaq continued to post gains despite a sell-off in U.S. technology stocks.
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